Multifunctional biomaterials for tissue repair




Reparative medicine is a cutting-edge area of medicine whose goal is to stimulate tissue and organs repair and auto-repair starting from stem and precursor cell. It combines biomaterials, drugs and physical energies to improve repair of tissues with extremely limited self-repair abilities, as the central nervous system (CNS), or in pathological conditions impairing self-repair abilities.
Traumatic and vascular CNS injuries, and chronic skin ulcers (e.g. pressure ulcers) are the focus of the project.

The partnership brings together laboratories of the high-tech network (IRET Foundation, CIRI-SDV University of Bologna, ISTEC-CNR, MISTER s.c.r.l.), laboratories outside the network (UNIMORE-DSV) and companies (Chiesi Farmaceutici, Fin-Ceramica, Igea, Cyanagen, Aczon, TMR) leader in their respective sectors, which represent a good guarantee for the achieving of project objectives.
Ma2Rep products will contribute to the innovation of the regional supply chains of biomaterials, drugs and related biotechnological products.